Why should I choose Together As One Financial?

You should make us your one-stop insurance solution because of the following proven reasons:

  1. Our expertise in the insurance market, coupled with our value for our clients’ interests puts us on the map. Over the years, we have gained the insight and knowledge to match the right person to the right insurance company. This is our strength. We offer a complete evaluation of your insurance needs by matching your requirements with a total insurance solution.
  2. Most insurance websites are lead generators who capture your information (through your application) and sell that to multiple insurance brokers or agents. We are not market charlatans. We are here for business, and we are here to get the job done in the right way.
  3. We stay a step ahead by employing the newest technologies for calculations, workflow management, and accurate quotes for our clients. Our easy-to-navigate website also possesses helpful tools and guarantees an ultimate user experience.

Why do I need to buy insurance?

Before you can secure your future, you need to forestall the vagaries of fatalistic events and consigned liabilities. Only with insurance can you:

  1. Protect your assets against attachment as a result of a court award.
  2. Provide for the cost of defense when you are sued.
  3. Purchase high-value items, such as a car or a home, by insuring the collateral on behalf of the financial institution that lent you the money.
  4. Provide financial security for your family in the event of your death.
  5. Provide for health care for you and your family through systematic payments.
  6. Remain financially solvent when you are ill or disabled. And many more…

How do you make profits?

We are entitled to a fixed commission by insurance companies upon every sale. However, you are not required to pay any extra charges as our insurance commissions are already tied to the price of an insurance policy. As your one-stop insurance solution, Together As One Financial will put your insurance interests foremost, despite the diverse commissions attached to every available policy.

Are you licensed?

Yes! As required by the law, all our expert professionals are duly licensed. We also partner with only licensed professionals in the course of carrying out our duties on your behalf.

Are you affiliated with any insurance company?

NO. We are fully INDEPENDENT brokers who offer insurance products from several different companies. We shop from our selection of different insurance companies to locate the best combination of price and coverage for you.

Who are your clientele?

We work with individuals, families, businesses and business owners. Together As One Financial is readily available to assist busy individuals and families who seek convenient, personal, affordable, and hassle-free solutions for all of their insurance needs. We serve the insurance needs of thousands of individuals, families, and businesses.

How do you choose the insurance companies you work with?

We consider insurance companies with good market reputation and sound financial ratings. More so, our selected companies must be willing to work through an independent broker and must have been fully registered under relevant laws.

Is my confidential information safe with you?

Yes, all of our clients’ information is classified and protected in an encrypted database. We will never sell your name, address, or personal information. You can check our Privacy Policy for more details.

What happens at a Paramedical appointment?

At a paramedical exam, a licensed medical professional obtains your medical information:

  1. Height and weight information.
  2. Blood pressure and pulse information.
  3. Urine and blood samples.

A paramedical appointment is often given to life insurance clients to enable the insurer to curate a fair “Policy Offer” based on the results of a medical examination.